The 7 Stages To Create A Stunning Fitout

The 7 Stages To Create A Stunning Fitout

After much consideration you have decided to push forward with a Shopfit for your business. However where do you start, especially if it is your first time to engage the services of a fitout firm? “There are seven steps that you will have to undergo, starting from creating a fitout concept to walking through your newly fitted store,” says Liza Ricioppo, Director at Blue Insignia. Knowing each stage and what comes before and after each will help prepare you for the weeks of work ahead.


Step 1: Concept

The fitout concept is finalised. You may already be flowing with ideas on what you want your store to look like, but it is always beneficial to consult with the experienced designers. Blue Insignia offers a complimentary design service & work closely with clients to further refine their concept and make sure it is something that can be built on time and within budget.

Step 2: Location

The location is finalised. If your business is a totally new project you will need to decide where will the store be located? The site will also play a big role in the final store design to accommodate factors such as the type of customers passing by and the habits of customers that will be frequenting the store.

Step 3: Design

Once the concept and location details are ironed out, a fitout design is then created through a collaboration between yourselves, the design team and the shopfit firm. It is a common mistake to want to rush this step, being keen to get the construction started but spending more time here will save you money and effort in the long run. Sometimes it is best to take a little longer in the design process to get it right which allows for a smoother flow throughout the rest of the project.

Step 4: Approvals

The fitout design is approved by the client before fitout construction begins. This makes certain that all parties are clear as to the expectations of the project. When it comes to scheduling your fitout, clear and realistic timeframes are essential. Timeframes vary depending on the individual fitout requirements. We find that the planning and approval processes are often the lengthiest dependant on the relevant bodies particularly if the local authorities are to be referred to.

Step 5: Actual fitout

The actual fitout is constructed according to the approved design plans. You may think that this will take up the biggest chunk in the fitout schedule, but Blue Insignia point out that this can actually be the quickest part of the process, especially if the planning and design were done well.

Step 6: Certifications

This is when the certifications related to building regulations are finalised, covering all the bases so that the client and the store are ready to start serving customers and safely open for business.

Step 7: Handover

The final step of a fitout project is officially handing it over to the client, a culmination of weeks of meticulous planning and execution. From experience clients should allow approximately 8 – 10 weeks including concept design to handover as an average, although individual project requirements may shorten or lengthen this time average.

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