Shopfitting Industry; Improving Sustainability

Shopfitting Industry; Improving Sustainability

In the UK, it is becoming increasingly common for large contracting and shopfitting companies to take a more in-depth approach when considering the type of material, they want to use when constructing their products. Why you ask? Sustainability is the answer. Sustainable construction embraces the preservation of the environment as well as adhering to ethical standards within a supply chain.

In the world of construction, the concept of sustainability has the capability to make a major contribution to a more sustainable environment for our planet’s future. Sustainable construction is often referred to as ‘green building’. Using sustainable construction materials is not only good for the planet, it can also benefit your company in a number of ways.

The main purposes of sustainable construction are:

  • Use energy more efficiently,
  • Reduce the damaging effects production may have on the environment such as pollution and waste and;
  • Ensure that the product you are selling is healthy and meets the client’s requirements.


Firstly, customers are becoming aware of what impact their buying habits have on the environment. It is said that buildings consume around 20-40% of energy consumption and physical resources in their own environment. Once built, construction products can be one of the main sources of pollution because of the emissions produced by them. Due to this, large companies are therefore forced to re-evaluate their manufacturing process.

Over the years, the use of green building materials has become a common way for construction companies to save energy and money. At the same time, your company can become eco-friendlier due to the reduced CO2emissions. For example, using recyclable materials such as metal and plastic will result in reduced waste and pollution. With the continued global exposure of the use of non-recyclable materials, manufacturers must consider the impact of what they produce and how they produce it in order to meet the demand for less damaging products to the environment.

With this in mind Blue Insignia, use sustainable timber which has the lowest environmental impact on its production and life-cycle. We only aquire materials from suppliers who are accredited by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) which is a global forest certification system, allowing consumers to identify, purchase and use wood that has been produced from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials.

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